Adapting to Change

Life in the cattle business has taught us all two things; somethings can change our whole lives in less than 5 minutes, while other things stay the same seemingly forever no matter what the circumstances. Right now we are living in that. The world we live in has been tipped on it's nose with a virus, radically changing the lives of most people. Yet in the ranching world, everything about the daily lifestyle is still the same. Cows are calving, fencing and general maintenance still need to be done, and every critter needs to be fed and cared for. Cattle get out, and everything gets put on hold to go put them back in. Flat tire, blown hydraulic hose, the list goes on and on. Adapting to change is something that farmers and ranchers are always doing. In years past, Dad was not on board with the idea of doing an online bidding option for the sale. "We've always done it this way, and it works fine". It was dead in the water every time it was brought up. This year, some necessary changes needed to be made to accommodate everyone unable to attend the sale this year. This year was an easy "adapt to the change" when I first mentioned that "we need an online option this year". Without a moments hesitation I was met with, "Get it done. DVAuction is my favorite. " So here we are.

On the flip side of all this, Dad has bought a LOT via online auctions for many years (cattle, machinery, and other treasures/junk, you name it!). DVAuctions is his favorite broadcast and bidding platform because of its ease of use for the less technology savvy. Its been quite a few changes in the technology in his world the past 6 months. His 14 year old dinosaur of a flip-phone went to cellphone heaven shortly before Christmas. Santa Claus brought him an iPhone, and his learning to navigate that has been a real adventure for all of us. Going back to a fossilized flip-phone is no longer an option with the changes at the cellphone company, or we would have already done it. For those needing help setting up an account or how to use this, there is some great information on and after your account is created, bidding tutorials on . If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to give me a call at (218)820-3167.

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