Numbers aren't Everything.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

There are some of us that love spreadsheets and numbers that we can sort, filter and color code to our little hearts content. Between my love/hate relationship of being self-taught on Excel and CattleMax, every possible number or piece of data taken for 30+ years, is available at our fingertips anywhere, anytime. We live in the age of technology and numbers. The maternal side of our program is our greatest asset. It takes decades and generations stacked up to have a uniform maternal herd. That isn't something you can necessarily put "numbers" to. But in attempt to do that, and 100% full transparency, the cow data and ratios are also included in the spreadsheets (Click the link!) that can be found on the Sale Info Page under "Current EPD's and Complete Sale Lot information".

No matter how great a particular female may be, if she has poor feet/legs, an udder thats falling apart, is a poor mover, doesnt get bred in the 60 days the bulls are out, or has any disposition issues whatsoever, she has earned a one-way-trip to town. The fastest way to gain a more uniform herd is to remove the outliers. Looking thru the data, you find the Bulls average WDA about 3.25.. and the heifers WDA averaging at 2.75. We run our cattle like the commercial cattlemen. We don't want our customers to buy some fat pretty cattle that go home and melt away when they are taken off feed. Not only are fat cattle decieving, its rough on the conception rates! Going into breeding season the cattle should be on the upswing of gaining weight. Not the downhill slide when the feed wagon stops. I love to be able to compare numbers as much as the next guy, there are some things you just cant put a number on. Phenotype and Honesty are two of those things.. Which is why we are encouraging everyone to come out to the ranch between now and Sale to walk thru the herd, ask questions and see what the numbers aren't able to tell you.

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