Retaining 1/3 revenue sharing semen interest. ★ N492 was the 8th top weaning weight, 5th top yearling weight bull of his crop! He is a muscular bull with a little more bone than most. ★ N492 is one of three bulls selling today that has over a +99 $W Value, and one of only 72 non-parent bulls in America with a +99 $W or higher! ★ N492 ties as the top Milk EPD animal in the sale! In the fall bull division, he also boasts tie for #1 WW EPD, tie for #1 YW EPD, #1 RADG EPD, 4th top CW EPD, 2nd top $W, 2nd top $F, and 3rd top $B! ★ Dam K480 is a nice young CC&7 daughter whose rst daughter is raising her rst calf now in the Hoover herd. N492 was K480’s second calf. She has a 346 day calving interval. ★ K480 had exceptional individual performance data: BW 64 lbs., WW 772 lbs., WR 113, YW 1049 lbs., YR 109, IMF 5.63, ratio 114, ribeye 12.7”, ratio 114. ★ Pathnder grandam D462 was lost early in life to a rupture. ★ N492 is a stout, powerful bull that we recommend for use on cows to add growth. 7 Pathnders are racked up in his pedigree! If you feed out your calves and sell them on a value-based grid, consider this bull